Salon Mantra | Rebrand & Marketing Strategy

Neon Sign Design & Production

Neon Sign Design & Production

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Salon Mantra is a chic and styled hair salon located in the oh-so-amazing Galt Ocean area of Fort Lauderdale… just steps from the beach. This client came to us in need of two main things, in her eyes: marketing and branding.

So our job? We came up with a plan. In just 1 short month, we launched their all new website with all new logo design, implementing a social media strategy with new branded social graphic templates, and working on the rest of their marketing materials as well as planning an influencer-only exclusive event.

Projects Completed:

  • Logo Design

  • Social Graphic Templates

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Neon Sign

  • Web Design & Development |

Projects In Progress:

• Business Card Design

• Salon Menu Design

• Store Signage

• Photo Props/Materials

• Marketing Strategy Implementation

Lauren Bordelon