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just a small biz doing BIG things

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Why Us?

It’s simple.

With our resources, talent, and skills, we equip your brand with the marketing and creative it needs to not only grow, but last.

Our strategies will put your brand at the forefront of creative innovation to connect with and convert your target audience.


What We Do


We deliver an outstanding creative marketing experience from our home base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida working with wave-making clients here and across the globe.


Social Media Marketing

The mother of digital marketing for all businesses - social media. We do it, and we do it full service.

Workshops, Training and Consulting

For teams and solopreneurs alike looking for some hands-on guidance in marketing

Creative Services

Making your brand look its absolute best so it can perform its absolute best


The LBMG Experience

We custom fit all of our marketing plans and packages to meet your needs… no matter how big or small.

At LBMG, we ooze creativity - it’s in the core of everything we do. We love working with brands who, too, are creative and uncommon, helping them to make a bigger impact in their industry.




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